What is Dealer Financing business
in FCA Bank?

FCA Bank, with its presence in Europe and Morocco, plays a key role in supporting the dealers’ network of the manufacturers of which is captive through the availability of financial solutions set up to facilitate the sale of new and used cars and of spare parts too.

With the Dealer Financing business line FCA Bank offers traditional credit solutions (mainly based on factoring scheme) but can also count on a wide range of products.

The intention is to fully cover the dealers’ need also in terms of short terms loans to support liquidity needs and Medium Long term financing, to support the investments on showrooms and in electrification, which will become more and more important in the coming months.

With our Commercial Lending sector, FCA Bank also offers financial support for the sale of large fleets to big international customers.

For which manufactures FCA Bank is the captive financial partner?

In addition to FCA, that clearly remains our most strategic partner, FCA Bank provides the Dealer Financing activity also for other important OEMs such as Ferrari, Maserati, JLR and Hymer. The intention now is to reinforce our presence with other partnerships to consolidate our experience especially with luxury brands and leisure business segment.

What are the main expectation for the future?

Surely, in a very competitive environment such as the automotive business, the Dealer Financing is assuming more and more a central role in the commercial strategies of every OEMs and every dealer.

I’m convinced that for the future challenges the key factor will be the capacity to anticipate OEMs needs and the ability in launching innovative ideas in terms of products and processes, remaining closest as much as possible to dealers and manufacturers.


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